Server Information

Here you'll find various server information.

Information for FusionRO

Extended Class: 125
30x/30x/30x/5x/1x/15x (Base/Job/Drops/MvP Card/MvP EXP/Quest)
Normal Class: 99/70 Third Class: 175/60
Normal Class: 99 Baby Class: 80 Third Class: 130 Third Baby Class: 117
Normal Class: 190 Third Class: 193

Basic Server Information

  • Working 3-1 and 3-2 classes.
  • Working Renewal Mechanics.
  • Standard classes, advanced classes, and transcendent classes.
  • Standard extended classes.
  • All pet skills with new pet stat bonus system.
  • New official headgears.
  • Newest cities.
  • Working homunculus with evolution stats bonuses.
  • Working mercenaries with stat bonuses.
  • Unique VIP (donation) quest.

Detailed Server Information

  • Standard city and quest NPC.
  • Custom PvP room with Deathmach Arena add-on (Prontera).
  • Working mail, auction, and buying shop system.
  • Custom automated minigame NPC.
  • Numerous custom minigame events.
  • Town, Dungeon, Guild Dungeon, Favorite/Last, and WoE Warper.
  • Customized Kafra.
    • Save point.
    • Kafra Cash Shop.
    • Custom bank.
    • Event Ticket trade-in service.
    • Universal renter.
    • Storage and guild storage service both with password systems.
    • @command Login Management.
  • Free healer with paid buffs.
  • Job changer with platinum skills.
  • Stylist with style saver.
  • Resetter with feel/hatred reset.
  • Intimidate skill saver.
  • Full Casino (Comodo Casino).
  • Card remover (Prontera Inside).
  • Mini-mall NPC.
  • 600 item storage, 1000 item guild storage.
  • Custom pets with skills.
  • Multiple custom and customized commands.
  • 489 clothes colors.
  • 27 hair styles.
  • 263 hair colors.

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